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Shaykh Khalifa Hamadi ath-Thani
Arabic: shaykh khālifa bni hamadi 'ath-thānī

Khalifa Thani, former emir of Qatar

(1930- ) Emir of Qatar 1972-95.
Khalifa's rule was marked by some reforms of the Qatari government, where he abolished the rule of giving 25% of state revenues to the ruler. He also installed an advisory council of 20 members, which could advice the government of Qatar in questions where the council was asked. But at the same time he also appointed 10 of his closest relatives into the total 15 positions as ministers, thereby strengthening his political position. During most of his reign, he ruled by decree within the framework of a written constitution as well as the Sharia.
His politics involved modernization of the country, and expansion of agriculture and establishing of new industries.

1930: Born in Doha, Qatar. His father, Shaykh Hamad dies before his birth.
1960s: Is appointed minister of finance and petroleum affairs.
1972 February: Becomes emir by deposing Shaykh Ahmad in a palace coup. The coup was instigated by both Ahmad's economic politics that had involved high personal spending with public protests as result, as well as a fear that Ahmad would appoint his son as heir to the throne.
1976: Political parties and labour unions are banned.
1980: Khalifa backs Iraq in the war against Iran.
1991: Khalifa leaves the daily governing to his sons.
1995 June: While staying in Geneva, Switzerland, Khalifa is deposed by his son, Shaykh Hamad in a bloodless coup.

By Tore Kjeilen