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Arabic: tinis

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Town in northern Algeria with 45,000 inhabitants (2005 estimate), on the Mediterranean Sea, in Ech Cheliff province.
Among the main industries of Tenes are fish canning and the production of soft drinks.
Tenes lies somewhat isolated from other urban centres of Algeria, due to the region's rugged landscape. Ech Cheliff is 55 km south, Cherchell 110 km east and Mostaganem 160 km west.
Tenes lies on a rocky plateau, with an modern harbour to the northeast. Remains of Old Tenes are in the southeastern outskirts of town.

1st millennium: Founded by the Phoenicians as a trade post and port, known as Catenna.
2nd century: Passes to the Romans.
875: A new town is established by Spanish immigrants.
1299: Falls to the Kingdom of Tlemcen.
1517: Comes under control of Khayr ad-Din (Barbarossa), and becomes active in the Mediterranean piracy.
1843: Occupied by the French.

By Tore Kjeilen