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Taimur ibn Faisal
Arabic: taymūr bni faysal bni turkī

Sultan Taimur of Oman.
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Sultan Taimur of Oman.

(1885-1956) Sultan of Oman 1913-1932.
Taimur's rule will be remembered for his inability to deal with the basic issues of territorial control and control over the economy. A loan granted to him in 1920 by the British was used for his own benefit only, leading up to the point where he was ousted from power at the young age of 47.

1885: Born as son of Crown Prince Faisal.
1913: With the death of his father, then sultan, Taimur succeeds him as sultan. The country was very much divided the economy in a ruinous state.
1915: Taimur's heartlands are attacked by the tribal leader and Imam Isa ibn Salih, but Taimur manages to drive his forces out with British aid. Shaykh Isa continues to control the interior.
1920: By British assistance, Taimur signs the Treaty of Sib, which guarantees the continued power of tribal leaders. Taimur controls his heartland around Musqat, and represents Oman in external matters. The treaty secured freedom of movement and limited customs duties. The British gave Taimur a loan to pay off his debtors, in compensation for his concessions.
1920's: Taimur loses control over the economy, extravagantly spending all the available funds for his own benefit.
1932: Taimur is removed from power by the British, and succeeded by his son Said ibn Taimur.

By Tore Kjeilen