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Byzantine Empire /
Other spelling: Staurakios

(Around 790?-812) Byzantine emperor for 2 months in 811.
Having been disabled in the Battle of Pliska, where his father Emperor Nicephorus 1 was killed, Stauracius was unable to exercise his power. His weakness brought forth a power struggle that eventually removed him from power.

Around 790?: Born as son of Nicephoros.
803: Crowned co-emperor with his father Nicephoros 1.
807: Marries Theophano, a relative of late Empress Irene.
811: Joins his father in his campaign into Bulgaria.
811: July 26: In the Battle of Pliska, where Nicephorus is killed, Stauracius barely escapes with his life. He is paralyzed from a wound, but still crowned new emperor.
October 2: Is forced to abdicate, following a power struggle. Michael, the leader of his opponents and Stauracius brother-in-law is crowned new emperor. Staurakios retires to a monastery.
812 January 11: Dies from wounds afflicted upon him at Pliska.

By Tore Kjeilen