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Moshe Sharett
Hebrew: mosheh sharet

Moshe Sharett.
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Moshe Sharett.

(1894- 1965) Israeli politician and prime minister (1954- 55).
Sharett was not a distinct politician in terms of ideas, but proved to be a great diplomat and able to communicate with opposing parties.

1894: Born in Kherson, Ukraine, with the given name of Moshe Shertok.
1906: Moshe's family emigrates to Palestine, and settles in the village of Ain Sinia. Here he learns Arabic, and gets accustomed with Palestinian traditions.
1910: His family moves to Jaffa, where they partake in the foundation of Tel Aviv.
1914: Moshe serves in the Ottoman army during World War 1.
1922: He travels to London to study economics.
1925: Returns to Palestine, where he starts working for the newspaper Davar, published by Histadrut.
1930: Moshe joins the Mapai party.
1933: Gets an important position in th Zionist movement, which makes him the main negotiator with the British authorities. This was a position he would hold until the establishment of the state of Israel.
1946: Is appointed to present the Jewish case in international forums, first at the Anglo-American Committee, then at the United Nations.
1949: He becomes the first foreign minister of the new state of Israel.
1954 January: Becomes prime minister after the resignation of David Ben-Gurion. He continues to be foreign minister at the same time.
1955: With the return of Ben-Gurion to politics, Sharett is forced to resign from the position of prime minister.
1956: Steps down as foreign minister.
— He starts working in a publishing house as its head.
1960: Becomes chariman of the World Zionist Organization and the Jewish Agency.
1965: Dies a natural death.

By Tore Kjeilen