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Ca. 1813-1791 BCE

Mesopotamia / Kings /
Assyria / Old period / Kings /
Shamshi-Adad 1

Assyria of Shamshi-Adad 1

Ruler of Assyria ca. 1813-1791 BCE, 22 years.
It was largely during his reign that Assyria rose to become an empire, conquering important lands in Mesopotamia, Syria and Asia Minor.
His father was king, but not of Assyria, rather in the border regions to Mari. It was his brother taking the fathers's throne, but Shamshi-Adad began conquering lands for his own, the first was Shekhna, and soon he had taken Ashur as well. From Ashur, he went on to conquer Mari.
While conquering vast regions, he placed his sons as regional rulers over newly won land. Ishme-Dagan 1 became ruler of Ashur, Yasmah-Adad of Mari. Documents show his discontent with Yasmah-Adad compared to his brother.
The new kingdom underwent many administrative reforms, with thight control of officials, and heavy use of spies and propaganda, both in the kingdom and towards neighbouring kingdoms.
Despite the many military victories, Shamshi-Adad and his sons faced several attacks from neighbouring kings.
His empire would prove short-lived. His reforms would prove insufficient, the organization soon fell apart. Mari was quickly lost to local tribesmen, and from the south, Babylonian king Hammurabi would quickly march in and take over the young empire.

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