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Ca. 1263-1234 BCE

Mesopotamia / Kings /
Assyria / Middle period / Kings /
Shalmaneser 1
Akkadian: Shulmanu-asharedu

(Dead 1234 BCE) Ruler of Assyria ca. 1263-1234 BCE, 29 years.
His reign had important territorial gains, mainly into the lands to the north, like into Cappadocia, where he founded the Assyrian colony of Luha. He incorporated the remains of Mitanni to Assyria. He is the first known king to use the method of dislocating defeated or rebellious peoples to new lands, thereby preventing future rebellions.
He built palaces at Ashur and Nineveh, restored the great "world temple" at Ashur, and founded the city of Nimrud (Calah).

1263: Succeeds his father, Adad-nirari 1, as king.
1235: Dies, and is succeeded by his son, Tukulti-Ninarta 1.

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