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Persian: shāhrūd
Other spellings: Shahrud; Shahroud

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The tomb of Bayazid Bistami. Shahrood, Iran
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The tomb of Bayazid Bistami

City in northwestern Iran with 150,000 inhabitants (2009 estimate), at an altitude of 1350 metres, the largest city of Semnan province.
To its north, Shahrood climbs the Alborz mountains, to its south begins the Damghan basin. Tash river runs through town heading for the deserts in the south.
The city is pleasant wth tree-lined streets. Shahrod includes the historic town of Bastam, 6 km north. At Bastam the tomb of the 9th century Sufi scholar Bayazid Bastami is located, along with the 13th century Seljuq mosque. Archaeological finds at Shahrood go back 8,000 years.
Teheran is 410 km west, Mashhad is 440 km west.
Shahrood has two universities.

By Tore Kjeilen