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Sefid river
Also spelled: Sefid-Rud; Sepid-Rud; Sefidrud; Sefidrood

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Sefid river

Sefid river, Iran.
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River in northwestern Iran, about 670 km long. It rises in the Alborz mountains, and has its mouth at Caspian Sea.
The river has cut a gap through the Alborz mountains, the Manjil gap. The outlet region is the Bojagh National Park.
The river today is of significance for agriculture, the Sefid Rud dam allows irrigation, but this intervention in the river's natural flow has caused a dramatic drop in fisheries in the river, affecting sturgeon and Caspian trout.
Sefid has no major cities, but Rasht (450,000 inhabitants) in the lands 12 km west takes much of its water from the Sefid.

By Tore Kjeilen