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Saudi Arabia
1. Geography
2. Political situation
3. Economy
a. Figures
4. Health
5. Education
a. Universities
6. Media
7. Demographics
8. Religions
a. Freedom
9. Peoples
10. Languages
11. History
12. Cities and Towns

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Open map of Saudi ArabiaFlag of Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia /

Saudi Arabia has only 11 daily newspapers, 8 in Arabic, 3 in English. Relatively few newspapers are sold, there is one newspaper pr. 35 inhabitants. The largest newspapers are the English-language Arab News, and the Arabic-language Okaz and Al-Jazirah, all with 90,000 to 110,000 in circulation.
There are two national TV-stations, both by the government. Channel 1 also has English transmissions.

By Tore Kjeilen