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Sand War
Also called: Sand Wars

War between Algeria and Morocco in October 1963, lasting for about 3 weeks.
The war was centred to western Algeria, and was Morocco's attempt to take control of parts of western and southern Algeria, to include into Moroccan territory. These were regions that the Moroccans claimed had been under their sovereignty before the French took control through the 19th century (see French North Africa).
The Moroccan army was far better equipped, but the Algerians were well-trained from the more than 7 year long Algerian War. The Moroccans soon proved unable to win substantial territory from their actions.

1962 July: Moroccan troops take control of Bechar, in territory defined as Algerian, south of the Moroccan oasis, Figuig.
1963 October: Open clashes between Moroccan and Algerian troops at two distant regions, Tindouf in the westernmost point of Algeria, and further northeast at Bechar/Figuig.
1964 February 20: An agreement between Algeria and Morocco which establishes a demilitarized zone.
1975: Morocco annexes much of decolonized Spanish Sahara, while Algeria gives support to Polisario, fighting for an independent Western Sahara.
1989: An 1972 agreement of the border between Algeria and Morocco, is ratified by Morocco, making it finally effective. Still, the border between the two countries remained closed.

By Tore Kjeilen