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as-Sabah, Sabah 2 bni Salem
Arabic: sabāh bni 'as-sālim 'as-sabāh

Emir Sabah 2

(1913-77) Emir of Kuwait 1965-1977, and son of Salem.
His rule was one of fantastic economic growth due to increased oil revenues. This was especially the case after the heavy increase on oil prices following the oil embargo on Israel's allies after the war in 1973. Much of this growth came to the benefit of the all parts of the population.
At periods there was great press freedom, but never much political freedom during his rule.

1913: Born in Kuwait as son of Salem bni Mubarak, who later became shaykh (1917- 21).
1938: Is appointed commander of the police force.
1959: Becomes head of the public health department.
1961: Established the ministry of foreign affairs, and becomes its first minister.
1962 October: Shaykh Abdullah 3 appoints Sabah crown prince, even if they belong to the same branch, and the crown prince should this time have come from the Jaber-branch.
1963 January: Sabah is appointed prime minister.
1965 November: At the death of Abdullah 3, Sabah becomes the new ruler of Kuwait. He has the title changed from "shaykh" to "emir".
— Sabah appoints a new cabinet, where many of the new names aroused so much discontent that many parliament deputies resigned.
1966 May: Appoints Jaber 2 bni Ahmad as prime minster, and Sa'ad bni Abdullah as minister of defence and interior. Under the three, heavy censorship is imposed.
1970's: Kuwait's oil revenues increase to fantastic proportions, where only parts of the state budget can be used. There are periods of press freedom, but this is curbed in 1976.
1977: The National Assembly is dissolved.
— Sabah dies, and is succeeded by Jaber 3.

By Tore Kjeilen