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Ottoman Empire / Rulers /
Mehmed 5 Resat

Sultan Mehmed 5 Resat

Sultan Mehmed 5 Resat.

(1844-1918) Ottoman sultan 1909-1918.
He is mainly remembered for having surrendered his authority to a new body called the Committee of Union and Progress, which was virtually the same as the Young Turk movement.
As he had given away power, he was not really responsible for the loss of great territories during his reign. It would all culminate in total occupation, including Constantinople, 6 months after his death.
He was considered to have had a gentle and kind personality, and was principally interested in Ottoman and Islamic history. As a ruler he proved to be weak, and played a key role in the downfall of the empire.


1844 November 2: Born in Constantinople.
1909: Becomes sultan of the Ottoman Empire, after that is brother Abdülhamid 2 is forced to abdicate.
1911-12: War with Italy, resulting in the loss of Tripoli.
1912-13: The Ottoman Empire loses most of its remaining European possessions during two Balkan Wars.
1914: The Ottoman Empire enters World War 1 on the side of Germany and Austria-Hungary.
1918 July 3: Dies in Constantinople. By this time most of the empire had fallen to the Allies (dominated by Britain, France and Italy).

By Tore Kjeilen