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Ottoman Empire / Rulers /
Mustafa 3

Sultan Mustafa 3

Sultan Mustafa 3.

(1717-1774) Ottoman sultan 1757-1774.
Mustafa's reign is noted for his attempts to reform the Ottoman government and military. Although much needed for the society which had become corrupt and inefficient compared to Western powers, he faced too much resistance to succeed. It was mainly the military aristocracy of the Janissaries and the religious aristocracy that opposed him.
Despite the reform attempts, tax abuses continued, which took away great income from the state. Also, local rulers of military background, ayan could generally continue their semi-independent line of administration.
Military reforms were more successful, as the artillery cops was reorganized, an engineering school was reopened.
Mustafa was a better educated sultan than many before and after him, he had studied astrology, literature and medicine. He also put much effort into educating his son, Selim, who would become sultan in 1789.


1717 January 28: Born in Constantinople.
1757: Becomes sultan after the death of Sultan Osman 3.
1768: After that the Russians had broken old treaties with advances on Poland and Crimea, the Ottoman Empire declares war on Russia. At first the war goes well for the empire, but it would end in disaster much later.
1770: The Ottoman fleet is destroyed at Cesme.
1773: The Academies for Mathematics, Navigation and the Sciences, part of the navy are founded.
1774 January 21: Dies in Constantinople, and is succeeded by his brother Abdülhamid 1.

By Tore Kjeilen