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Ottoman Empire / Rulers /
Mahmud 1

Sultan Mahmud 1

Sultan Mahmud 1.

(1696-1754) Ottoman sultan 1730-1754.
During his reign he waged wars with Persia, Russia and Austria. To Persia he lost Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. To Russia he lost Bessarabia (corresponding to modern Moldova). The wars with Austria were more successful, as he took back Belgrade and the parts of Serbia that his predecessor Sultan Ahmed 3 had lost.
He also took the initiative to a partial reform of the army.


1696 August 2: Born in Edirne.
1730: Placed on the throne following the uprising led by Patrona Halil, which had deposed Sultan Ahmed 3.
1731: Suppresses an uprising within the Janissary corps.
1739: Treaty of Belgrade with Austria and Russia.
1746: Peace with Persia.
1754 December 13: Dies in Constantinople, and is succeeded by Osman 3.

By Tore Kjeilen