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Ottoman Empire / Rulers /
Ahmed 3

Sultan Ahmed 3

Sultan Ahmed 3.

(1673-1736) Ottoman sultan 1703-1730.
Ahmed's rule saw several territorial advances, but it was his loss of Persia that would force him down from the throne.
His reign also encouraged the flourishing of art and literature.


1673 December 30: Born as son of Sultan Mehmed 4 Avci.
1703 August 22: Following the displacement of his brother, Sultan Mustafa 2, Ahmed becomes sultan.
1710: Ahmed declares war on Russia.
1711 July: The Ottoman troops encircle the army of Peter 1 the Great near the Prut River, and the Russians have to agree not only to hand Azov back to the Ottoman Empire but also to be cautious in interfering in the affairs of the Poles and the Cossacks.
1715: Captures Morea (Peloponnese peninsula, modern Greece) from Venice, but Austria responds by going to war against the Ottoman Empire.
1717: The Ottomans lose Belgrade to Austria.
1718: The Ottomans sign the Treaty of Passarowitz, where some new territories are secured, but Hungary and parts of Serbia are given to the Austrians.
1724: Turkey and Russia agree to divide much of Persia between them, but the Persians resist.
1729- 30: The Persians drive the Ottoman troops out of Persia.
1730: A popular uprising in anger over the Ottoman defeat in Persia led by Patrona Halil and the Janissaries leads to the deposition and imprisonment of Ahmed.
1736 July 1: Ahmed dies in prison.

By Tore Kjeilen