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Ottoman Empire / Rulers /
Mustafa 2

Sultan Mustafa 2

Sultan Mustafa 2.

(1664-1703) Ottoman sultan 1695-1703.
Mustafa is mainly remembered for his continuation of the war against the Holy League, consisting of Austria, Poland and Venice, which would end in disaster for the Ottoman Empire.
Not only did the empire lose much of its Balkan territories, but the cost of war was financed by heavy taxes. Many farmers were driven off their land and there were revolts in the eastern parts of the empire.


1664 June 5: Born in Edirne, the Ottoman Empire as son of Sultan Mehmed 4.
1695: Becomes sultan after Ahmed 2, and decides to continue the war against the Holy League. In its early phase, the war gives him some victories, like the recovery of the island of Chios.
1696: Azov at the mouth of the Don River is occupied by Russia.
1697: The Ottoman army is defeated at Zenta, a loss which killed the ambitions of Mustafa. He left the administration of state matters to Feyzullah.
1699: With the Treaty of Carlowitz the Ottoman Empire loses much of its Balkan territories: Hungary and Transylvania to Austria, Morea to the Venetian Republic and the Ottomans had to withdraw their forces from the Polish region of Podolia.
1700: The Ottoman Empire renunciates the lands lost to Russia with te Treaty of Constantinople.
1703 August 22: Mustafa is deposed by a military mutiny, and is succeeded by his own brother, Ahmed 3.
December 31: Dies in Constantinople.

By Tore Kjeilen