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Ottoman Empire / Rulers /
Ahmed 2

Sultan Ahmed 2

Sultan Ahmed 2.

(1642-1695) Ottoman sultan 1691-1695.
Ahmed was only in power for 4 years, and he proved to be a sultan with little strength and independence. But his reign (administered by apt viziers) did manage to leave some traces. The most important was encouraging tribal settlement in Anatolia by nomadic Turkmen tribes, and modernizing the land administration system.
His years were marked by the unsuccessful wars against Austria and Venice, in which important territories were lost. Internally, there were uprisings in Syria, Hijaz and Iraq.

1642 August 1: Born.
1691: Ahmed, who for years had been imprisoned, becomes sultan.
— The Ottoman forces are defeated by the Austrians at Slankamen. Grand vizier Mustafa Köprülü dies in the battle. The empire loses large parts of Hungary.
1692: Venice attacks Crete which had been taken away from them under the rule of sultan Ibrahim.
1694: The Venetians take control over Chios.
1695 February 6: Dies in Edirne.

By Tore Kjeilen