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Ottoman Empire / Rulers /
Süleyman 2

Sultan Süleyman 2

Sultan Süleyman 2.

(1642-1691) Ottoman sultan 1687-1691.
Despite only 4 years in power, Süleyman was able to strengthen structures and administration in the Ottoman Empire, as well as reconquer territory lost under the last years of the preceding sultan's (his brother's) regime.

1642 April 15: Born in Istanbul.
1687: After years in enforced confinement, Süleyman is made sultan by a mutiny in the Janissary troops, that had Mehmed 4 Avci removed from power.
1689: Fazil Mustafa Pasha of the Köprülü family becomes grand vizier.
— Under the leadership of Fazil Mustafa, the Ottoman troops drive Austria out of Bulgaria and Transylvania.
1690: Belgrade and Nis comes back under Ottoman control.
1691 June 23: Süleyman dies in Edirne.

By Tore Kjeilen