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Ottoman Empire / Rulers /
Osman 2

Sultan Osman 2

Sultan Osman 2.

(1603-1622) Ottoman sultan 1618-1622.
Despite only being 14 years when becoming sultan, Osman was the most apt ruler since Süleyman 1 50 years earlier. But things in the empire had deteriorated too much, so when Osman tried to reform especially the Janissaries, he was violently removed from his position.
He also set out on campaigns against Poland, but without being able to get the victories he had hoped for. This failure he correctly interpreted to be the result of weak moral and little devotedness in the army, principally among the Janissary troops.

1603 November 15: Born in Istanbul.
1618: At the age of 14, Osman 2 becomes new sultan as Mustafa 1 is removed from the sultanate.
1621: Osman tries to reform the Janissaries by removing some of their privileges, like their coffee shops, which functioned like cells of disobedience among the troops. This led to strong reactions among the Janissaries.
1622: Osman starts planning a pilgrimage to Mecca, which really was a campaign to recruit a new army in Egypt and Syria, in order to defeat the Ottomans. The result became an actual revolt among his enemies.
May 19: Osman is forced by Janissary troops to resign from power, and let Mustafa 1 return to office.
May 20: He is strangled by Janissaries in Istanbul.

By Tore Kjeilen