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Ottoman Empire / Rulers /
Mustafa 1

Sultan Mustafa 1

Sultan Mustafa 1.

(1591-1639) Ottoman sultan twice, the first time 1617-1618, the second time 1622-1623.
Mustafa was one of the weakest ever sultans, and is reported to have had a weak mind.
In most respects he was just a tool for other powerful interests around the sultan throne, like the women of the harem and the increasingly corrupt Janissary corps. From the harem, it was mainly his mother that had him under strong influence.
Thanks to his short time on the sultan throne, there is little of both military and cultural achievements to be ascribed him. The only important incidence is the revolt of Abaza Mehmed Pasha in Anatolia, trying to revenge the death of sultan Osman 2.

1591: Born in Manisa, today's mainland Turkey.
1617: Mustafa is instated as sultan, but is unable to take personal control of the empire.
1618: He is removed from power, and the young but apt Osman 2 takes over.
1622 May 19: Afraid of the own position, the Janissaries has Osman removed and soon killed. With solely their own interests in mind, they put Mustafa back in the position of sultan and formal ruler.
1623: Mustafa did not remain in power long, and is removed for a second time. He is replaced by the 11 year old Murad 4.
1639 January 20: Mustafa dies in Istanbul.

By Tore Kjeilen