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Ottoman Empire / Rulers /
Ahmed 1

Sultan Ahmed 1

Sultan Ahmed 1.

(1590-1617) Ottoman sultan 1603-1617. Hence he became sultan at the age of only 13.
The rule of Ahmed was characterized by wars, internal rebellions and bad government. The internal rebellions were led by viziers aiming at enriching themselves apart from the real needs of the state. Ahmed dealt with these with the harshest measures, and had many executed. Another important issue for Ahmed was improving land administration in the empire.
Ahmed was a pious sultan, more interested in protecting the holy places of Islam than building infrastructure in the empire. He adorned holy structures in Mecca and Madina, and he had the Blue Mosque built, which is considered to be one of the greatest architectural achievements of Islam.

1590 April 18: Born in Manisa.
1603: Ahmed becomes sultan after Mehmed 3.
1606: Peace of Zsitvatörök, where the sultan was forced to give commercial privileges to France, Venice and Netherlands inside the empire. This was a blow to Ottoman prestige.
1617 November 22: Dies, and is succeeded by Mustafa 1, who was not his son. However, 3 of his sons would ultimately become sultans: Osman 2, Murad 4 and Ibrahim.

By Tore Kjeilen