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Ottoman Empire / Rulers /
Mehmed 3

Sultan Mehmed 3

Sultan Mehmed 3.

(1566-1603) Ottoman sultan 1595-1603. Hence he became sultan at the age of 29, and remained in power for 8 years.
Mehmed's few years in power did not produce much that would last. Most of his powers went into years of war against Austria — where the Ottomans saw more victories than losses, but little of substance.
Tensions inside the empire, especially in Anatolia, didn't make things easier for Mehmed. Ottoman institutions declined, and there were many revolts among the many, both peasants and land owners, who were affected by the weakened land tenure system. The sultan was never able to suppress these widespread revolts before his death in 1603.

1566: Born in Manisa.
1595: Mehmed becomes sultan after Murad 3 and inherits a difficult war against Austria that had started 2 years earlier.
1596: Mehmed becomes directly active in the war, securing victories at Erlau and Hachova.
1601: The Ottomans takes control over the fortress of Kaniza (today's Croatia).
1603: War breaks out with Persia.
December 22: Dies in Istanbul.

By Tore Kjeilen