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Ottoman Empire / Rulers /
Murad 3

Sultan Murad 3

Sultan Murad 3.

(1524-1574) Ottoman sultan 1566-1574.
As his predecessor, sultan Selim 2, Murad was one more weak sultan. His 21 years in power was dominated by long and hard wars against Austria and Persia, as well as economic hardship inside the empire.
Internally he was also the victim of the manipulations from the women in his harem, and we chose bad partners in the administration. The empire was weakened from inflation, heavy taxation, nepotism and the disintegration of the Janissary forces, which came to represent a threat to the society and the Sultan.

1546 July 4: Born in Manisa.
1574: Becomes new sultan following the death of Selim 2.
1578: Fez in today's Morocco is captured by the Ottomans from the Portuguese.
— War starts against Persia. This war would last 13 years, and give Murad control over Azerbaijan, Georgia, Nahavand and Hamadan in today's Iran.
1593: A 14 year long war against Austria starts. The Ottomans were fighting side by side with troops from vassal states like Moldavia, Transylvania and Walachia.
1595 January 15 or 16: Dies in Istanbul.

By Tore Kjeilen