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Byzantine Empire /
Romanus 2

(938 or 939-963) Byzantine emperor 959-963.
Romanus was an uninterested leader, but managed to provide a good administration by choosing capable advisors. Affairs of the state was delegated to the eunuch Joseph Bringas and military affairs to Nicephorus Phocas. The latter would emerge so strong, that he replaced Romanus when he died at the age of only 24.

938 or 939: Born as son of Emperor Constantine 7.
940's: Married to Bertha, illegitimate daughter of the King of Italy.
945 April 6: Is crowned co-emperor with his father.
949: Bertha dies.
956: Marries an ordinary girl, Anastaso, who is renamed Theophano.
959 November 9: Constantine 7 dies and is succeeded by Romanus. Rumours said the emperor had been poisoned by Romanus or Theophano.
960: Has his 2-year old son, Basil, crowned co-emperor.
961 March 7: Under the command of Nicephorus Phocas is Crete conquered from the Abbasids.
962: Nicephorus Phocas conquers Cilicia and Aleppo from the Abbasids.
— His other son, Constantine, is also crowned co-emperor.
963 March 15: Dies from injuries or poison. After a 3-month long regency for his two infant sons, his widow secures that Nicephorus 2 becomes his effective successor.

By Tore Kjeilen