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Rishon LeZion
Other spellings: Rishon Le Ziyon; Rishon Le Ziyyon

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Rishon LeZion

City in central Israel with 226,000 inhabitants (2005 estimate).
The main economic activities of Rishon Lezion are wine making, construction, services and commerce. The Carmel Winery, located to Rishon, represents alone about half of Israel's total wine production.
A desalination plant is under development, aiming at providing Rishon LeZion with all water needed. Rishon LeZion's water reserves has always been unpredictable.
There is a municipal zoo, an amusement park called Superland, and a grand amphitheatre that can host large concerts.

1882: Founded as a farm colony by Russian Jewish immigrants.
1889: First Hebrew school opens in Rishon LeZion.
1950: Rishon LeZion is declared a city

By Tore Kjeilen