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Other spelling: Ar-Riffa; Ar-Rifa'; Ar-Riffa'
Arabic: 'ar-rifā¢

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Ar-Rifa, Bahrain
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Rifa Fort, Ar-Rifa, Bahrain.

Town in Bahrain with 85,000 inhabitants (2009 estimate), its eastern part is capital of the Southern Governorate with 50,000 inhabitants (2009 estimate) and an area of 430 km². This governorate is both the largest in surface area but also the least populated in Bahrain.
Ar-Rifa has three centres, which often are marked in maps as independent of each other, which is also close to the actual situation. They are North (Shamali), East (Sharqi) and West (Gharbi). North and East Rifa are combined the commercial centre, with well-developed shopping areas and sights like the Ar-Rifa Fort. New developments are very ambitious, like the Arcapita residential and commercial district with its artificial lakes.
West Rifa is mainly residential in character. It is noted for being the home of most of the royal family, including the king, as well as wealthy businessmen.
The population of Ar-Rifa are of the minority of Sunni Muslims, who represent a national minority.
Ar-Rifa is the home of the National Stadium, where the most important sports events take place. A new university has been launched, the Royal Women's University.

By Tore Kjeilen