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Arabic: 'ar-rāshīdiyya

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Er-Rachidia, Morocco.
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Er-Rachidia, Morocco.
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Night life of the south
Overlooking the Ziz river

Town and river oasis in east-central Morocco with 80,000 inhabitants (2005 estimate), at the southeast foot of the High Atlas, on the edge of Sahara Desert.
The local economy is based on agriculture, which is irrigated with water from the Ziz seasonal river. The produce include mainly citrus fruits, dates, olives and figs. Nearby, zinc and lead is mined. Er-Rachidia has a large military garrison, a reflection of historical tensions with Algeria along this part of the border.
Er-Rachidia has good road connections with other urban centres of Morocco, as well as an airport. Fez is 360 km north, Figuig is 400 km east and Ouarzazate 310 km west.
Most parts of Er-Rachidia being new, the town possesses few traditional quarters and its newer sections are similar to other towns in Morocco.
Er-Rachidia has a university.

The historical name of the town is Ksar es-Souk.
1916: Comes under French control.
1972: A dam is built to the Ziz seasonal river, securing stable water supplies.
1990's: Has its name effectively changed from Ksar es-Souk to Er-Rachidia.

By Tore Kjeilen