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Ancient Egypt
1. Introduction
2. People
3. Life styles
4. Culture
5. Education and Science
6. Society
7. Economy
8. Government
9. Cities and Villages
10. Language
11. Religion
12. Kings / periods
13. History
14. Map

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Open map of Ancient EgyptAncient Egypt / Ptolemaic dynasty /
Ptolemy 6 Philometor

(186-145 BCE) King of Egypt 181-145, and part of the Ptolemaic dynasty.
His reign was a period of heavy attacks from Egypt's neighbours, as well as the start of the internal conflicts that eventually would break the Ptolemaic dynasty.
During his 5 first years in power, he was just a child and his mother served as regent.
The Seleucid king Antiochus 4 invaded Egypt and took Ptolemy as prisoner. By Antiochus' intervention the brother of Ptolemy was invested with the power of Egypt in 170, known as king Ptolemy 7.
After Ptolemy 6 was released, and Antiochus withdrew much of his influence over Egypt, the two brothers started to govern the country together. But the joint kingdom was not a peaceful one, and through the influence of Rome it was divided in 164. Ptolemy 7 got Cyrenaica.
With the death of the Seleucid king Demetrius 1 in 150 BCE, Ptolemy 6 was offered the crown of this kingdom but he declined.
Ptolemy 6 died in 145 BCE from wounds inflicted upon him in a battle in Syria.

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By Tore Kjeilen