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Byzantine Empire /

(?-?) Byzantine emperor 711-713.
Being a Christian of the Monothelite orientation, he appointed John 6 new patriarch of Constantinople. This caused a short schism between Rome and Constantinople.

650-675: Born in Armenia, year of birth cannot be set, but he was a grown man in 695 and a vital man in 711. Original name was Bardanes.
695: Is active in the coup against Emperor Justinian 2.
705?: Exiled to Cherson, Crimea after Justinian again becomes emperor.
711: Leads a rebellion that manages to take Constantinople, and crowns himself emperor with the name Philippicus. Justinian is deposed, and eventually executed.
— Appoints John 6 new patriarch of Constantinople, and the canons of the 6th Ecumenical Council of Constaninople are abolished.
712: The Bulgars invades the empire all the way to the city walls of Constaninople. To meet this challenge, Philippicus relocates his army, allowing the Umayyads to invade Asia Minor.
713 May: Rebellion in the army in Thrace.
June 3: Philippicus is deposed, and blinded. He is succeded by the official, Atemius, who took the name Anastasius 2.

By Tore Kjeilen