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Ajda Pekkan
Full name: Ayse Ajda Pekkan

Ajda Pekkan
Ajda Pekkan
Ajda Pekkan

Music examples
Yasinda (1965)
Analamdim Gitti (1977)
Hancer (Date unknown)
Notable studio albums
Ajda Pekkan 1968
Fecri Ebcioglu Sunar 1969
Ajda Pekkan Vol III 1972
Ajda 1975
La fête a l’Olympia 1976
Süperstar 1977
Pour Lui 1978
Süperstar II 1979
Sen Mutlu Ol 1981
Sevdim Seni 1982
Süperstar III 1983
Bes Yil Önce On Yil Sonra 1984
Süperstar IV 1987
Ajda 1990 1990
Seni Seçtim 1991
Ajda ’93 1993
Tough Girl in A Pink World 1995
Ajda Pekkan 1996
Diva 2000
On the Dancefloor 2002
Cool Kadin 2006

(1946-) Turkish singer and actress, being one of the most popular Turkish artists ever.
Her career peeked in the 1970's, after having a diverse career through the 1960's. Since then her career have made a turn downwards, and has come to include a poor placement in the Eurovision Song Contest, which affected her hard personally, and an unsuccessful attempt to break through in the US market.

1946 February 12: Born in Istanbul, to a father being a naval officer.
1962: Starts singing in a night club.
1963: Wins the Cover Star contest of a Turkish magazine, by which her career as an actress and singer is launched.
1964: Releases her debut single, Abidik Gubidik Twist.
1965: Gets her commercial breakthrough with the single, Her Yerde Kar Var.
1980: Moves to USA for a period after a disappointing placement in the Eurovision Song Contest.
Mid-1990's: Tries to launch an international career, issuing a few English-language singles, without much success.

By Tore Kjeilen