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Amos Oz

Amos Oz
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Amos Oz
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Where the Jackals Howl (stories) (1965)
Elsewhere, Perhaps (1966)
My Micheal (1968)
Unto Death (novellas) (1971)
Touch the Water, Touch the Wind (1973)
The Hill of Evil Counsel (novellas) (1976)
Soumchi (1978)
Under the Blazing Light (essays) (1979)
A Perfect Peace (1982)
In the Land of Israel (essays) (1983)
Black Box (1987)
The Slopes of Lebanon (essays) (1988)
To Know a Woman (1989)
The Third Condition (1991)
The Silence of Heaven (literary criticism) (1993)
Don't Call it Night (1995)
The Story Begins (essays) (1998)

(1939-) Israeli author, writer of novels, short stories and essays. He is also a professor at the Ben Gurion University Negev, Beer Sheva.
Amos Oz' literature deals with conflicts of identity and culture inside Israel. He is much concerned with the conflict between the traditional ideals and the needs and problems that ordinary Israelis face in their everyday life. He describes the hardship of the Israeli society, its shortcomings and the loss of optimism in new generations.
He is considered by a writer with great touch of his language, and is often referred to as the master of modern Hebrew prose. His style is unspectacular, which goes well with the fact that most of his writing deal with everyday life.
His fame is much connected to his two books My Michael from 1968 and A Perfect Place from 1986. My Michael tells the story of a young married woman and her conflicts between the obligations she feels she has and her real needs. In A Perfect Place Oz tells about two young men in a kibbutz and how different they experience their similar situation.


1939 May 4: Born in Jerusalem, and is named Amos Klausner.
1954: Moves into the Kibbutz Hulda in the Negev Desert, and takes the name "Oz", which is Hebrew for strength.
1957: Serves in the Israeli army.
1960: Finishes his army service.
1963: Receives a B.A degree in philosophy and literature from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
1965: Debuts as a writer with the story collection Where the Jackals Howl.
1967: Fights as a soldier in the Six-Day War.
1973: Fights as a soldier in the Yom Kippur War.
1977: Is part of the process in the founding of the Peace Now-movement.
1986: Becomes a professor at the Ben Gurion University Negev, Beer Sheva.
1992: Receives the Frankfurt Peace Price.

By Tore Kjeilen