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Nusaybin, Turkey

Border town in southeastern Turkey with 85,000 inhabitants (2004 estimate), facing the Syrian city Qamishle on the other side of the Görgarbonizra River.
Nusaybin's economy today is linked to the frontier administration and activities with Syria and trade across it. It is also the centre trade and administration for the local agriculture.
Nusaybin is linked to urban centres in both Turkey and Syria by rail and road. Qamishle, Syria is 5 km south, Mardin 60 km northwest, Diyarbakir 210 km northwest and Mosul, Iraq 200 km southeast.
It's name was formerly written Nisibin.

Early 1st millennium BCE: Part of the Assyrian Empire, and serves as a northern frontier town.
Late 1st millennium: Under Armenian control, and prospers as a trade centre.
68 BCE: Conquered by the Romans.
5th century CE: Conquered by the Persians.
640: Taken by Muslim Arabs, and enters a centuries long period of growth.
13th century: Mongol invasions, together with internal problems, lead to decline for Nusaybin.

By Tore Kjeilen