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Queen Noor
Original name: Lisa Najeeb Halaby

HM Queen Noor of Jordan
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(1951-) Queen of Jordan 1978-1999, wife of the deceased King Hussein 1.
Educated in the fields of architecture and urban planning, she worked with aviation planning in Jordan in the middle of the 1970's. Queen Noor has been highly active in social and cultural activities both home in Jordan and on the international scene.
She was born Christian, but converted to Islam when marrying King Hussein.
Lisa Halaby married the king of Jordan, Hussein I, on June 15, 1978. They had four children, Hamzah (born 1980), Hashim (born 1981), Iman (born 1983) and Raiyah (born 1986). Hamzah was Crown Prince 1999-2004, when King Abdullah 2 removed him from this position, but without naming a new heir.
She still carries her title Queen, but it has been modified from HM The Queen of Jordan to HM Queen Noor of Jordan.

1951 August 23: Born in Washington, D.C., USA. Her father was mixed Lebanese-American, her mother mixed Swedish-Scottish.
1974: Receives her BA in architecture and urban planning.
1978 June 15: Marries King Hussein 1 of Jordan.
1999 February 7: King Hussein dies, and his oldest son, Abdullah, succeeds him as king.

By Tore Kjeilen