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Niger-Congo languages

By language
Figures in 1000.
% of all MENA
Zande 660 0.1%
320 0.1%
300 0.1%
Fulani 120 <0.1%
100 <0.1%
80 <0.1%
Other (25+) 700 0.1%
Total 2,300 0.5%
By country
Figures in 1000.
% of country population
Sudan 1,500 3.8%
Mauritania 800 24.0%

One of the largest language families in the world, counting more than 400 million. It is spoken in Africa, from the southern half of Sahara all the way down to South Africa, from the western coast across to the east.
The two North African countries reaching the furthest south, Mauritania and Sudan have Niger-Congo speakers. In Sudan, there are about 1.5 million and in Mauritania 800,000, this making it a total 2.3 million in North Africa.
The Niger-Congo family meets Berber and Semitic to the north, and Nilo-Saharan in Sudan. Some scholars have suggested to merge the Niger-Congo and the Nilo-Saharan families.

By Tore Kjeilen