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Arabic: 'al-wafd 'al-mis

Egyptian political party established in 1978.
The Neo-Wafd was based on the original Wafd party that was outlawed in 1953. Neo-Wafd was established by Serag al-Din, a veteran of the original party.
The politics of Neo-Wafd naturally had a different focus than the original Wafd-party, since Egypt had gained its independence in the meantime. Neo-Wafd focused on secularism, private enterprise and close ties with the USA and other Western powers, compared to close relations with the Soviet Union.
Neo-Wafd proved to become very popular among the Copts but it never gained more than 10% spport from the total Egyptian population.

1978 February: When Serag al-Din wins the loyalty of 22 parliamentarians, he establishes the Neo-Wafd. This was made possible with President Sadat's legalization of political parties.
September: A law from the parliament makes the Neo-Wafd indirectly responsible for alleged crimes with the 1952 revolution. This makes the leaders of Neo-Wafd disband the party.
1981: Serag al-Din is arrested.
1983 August: After Egypt's new President, Hosni Mubarak, liberalizes Egyptian politics, Neo-Wafd reemerges.
1984: General Elections where Wafd cooperates with the Muslim Brotherhood, but without giving them the influence promised. Neo-Wafd wins 58 seats in the parliament.
1987: Neo-Wafd wins 36 seats in the parliament.
1990: Neo-Wafd boycotts the elections, as a protest against the continuing state of emergency in Egypt.

By Tore Kjeilen