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Arabic: 'an-nāzuwr

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Nador, Morocco.
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Photo: Azzaddine Amjahed.

Nador, Morocco.
Nador, Morocco.

Nador, Morocco.
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Shadows of development

City and port in northeastern Morocco with 140,000 inhabitants (2005 estimate), on the Mediterranean Sea, on the Bou Areq lagoon, at the foot of the Rif Mountains.
Nador's economy traditionally relies on fishing, agriculture and raising of livestock. In modern times, smuggling has become one of the main sources of income, Nador being a duty-free port and close to the Spanish enclave, Melilla. Illegal drug export through its port is also reported to be of much importance.
Nador is well-connected to other urban centres of Morocco by road. Melilla is 13 km north, Oujda 130 km southeast and Fez 350 km southwest.
Nador is a modern town, laid out along an intersection of avenues. It suffers from heavy pollution, giving its air a distinct odor..
About half the population of the city are Tarifit speaking Berbers.

1957: When the Spanish leave Northern Morocco, Nador becomes part of the newly independent kingdom.
1984: Heavy riots begin in Nador, due to economic stagnation and non-materialized projects.
1994: The border to Algeria is closed, negatively effecting Nador's economy as well as trade between the two countries.

By Tore Kjeilen