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626-605 BCE

Mesopotamia / Kings /
Babylonia / Kings /
Akkadian: nabu-apal-usur

Clay cylinder of Nabopolassar.
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(Ca. 660-605 BCE) King of Babylonia ca. 626-605 BCE, 21 years, being the first king of the Chaldean dynasty.
He appears to have been a Chaldean chieftain, benefitting from the disintegration within the Assyrian empire. Not only did he establish what became the richest period in Babylonian history, he was also central in bringing the Assyrian empire to its final end.
Among the building projects attributed to him, is the restoration of the Shamash temple at Sippar.

Ca. 660 BCE: Born.
626: Nabopolassar, THE Chaldean vassal chieftain under Assyria, rejects supremacy and launches war on the Assyrian empire.
Ca. 621: Nabopolassar conquers Nippur, thereby securing an important strategic stronghold for Babylonia.
616: Nabopolassar attacks the Assyrian heartland. In the following years, his soldiers and the soldiers of Medes and the Schythians sack Ashur, Calah and Nineveh.
612: Conquers Nineveh from the Assyrians.
609: Crushes the remains of the Assyrian army at Harran.
605: Abdicates in favour of his son, Nebuchadnezzar 2. Only months later, he dies from natural causes.

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