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556-539 BCE

Babylonia / Kings /
Akkadian: nabu-na'id

King Nabonidus praying to the moon, the sun and the star Venus.
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King of Babylonia ca. 556-539 BCE, 19 years, being the second king of the Chaldean dynasty.
He toook the throne overthrowing the young king, Labashi-Marduk. Nothing is known of his background, and it has been suggested that he was an Assyrian.
His Babylonia was torn apart between religious parties, that of Marduk and that of Sin. This forced him to place his son, Belshazzar as regent of Babylon, while he, a supporter of Sin, relocated to oasis of Tayma in Arabia. He returned to Babylon in the late 540's.
He was defeated by Persian king, Cyrus 2 the Great, first at Babylon, and finally at Borsippa. Cyrus had his life spared, but with this defeat ends the history of Babylonia.

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By Tore Kjeilen