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Muhammad 5
Arabic: muhammdu khāmis

King Muhammad 5 of Morocco

King Muhammad 5 of Morocco
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(1909-1961) Ruler of Morocco 1927-1961 (sultan 1927-57, king 1957-61), ruling for altogether 34 years.
Early in th 1950's Muhammad 5 started to oppose the French, more and more associating himself with the independence movement. Within few years he chose to go into exile, associating his position with the call for Moroccan independence. To a great extent, this choice saved the Moroccan monarchy.
As king, he would soon disentangled himself from the independence movement, and made effective use of the military forces with his son Hassan in the position as army commander.

1909: Born in Fez.
1927: Becomes sultan of Morocco, although the country is under Moroccan control.
1953: Is removed from power by the French after refusing to sign agreements establishing regulations of his power, as well as following public rioting. Muhammad goes into exile.
1955: Returns from his exile.
1957: Becomes king of independent Morocco.
1961: Dies in Rabat, is succeeded by his son, Hassan 2.

By Tore Kjeilen