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Christianity / Orientations / Heresy /
Also spelled: Monarchism

In Christianity, sectarian doctrines (see heresy) dealing with the unity and nature of God, belonging to the 2nd through 4th centuries.
Monarchianism opposes the concept of Trinity, the divine unity of God, the Holy Sprit and Jesus Christ. Monarchianism also was a rejection of the doctrine of the Logos as an independent, personal subsistence (as defined in Gospel of John). Monarchianism represents an ultimate monotheism. In Monarchianism, only God was the deity. But as Monarchianism did not reject the existence of the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ, it faced the similar problems of definition as the advocates of Trinity did.
Monarchianism was represented in two orientations, Sabellianism and Adoptionism. Sabellianism, or Modal Monarchianism as it often is called, defined God to be a single unity appearing in three modes.
Adoptionism, or Dynamic Monarchianism as it often is called, also declared God to be a single unity, but explained Jesus Christ to be of divine nature only temporarily, only for as long as his mission lasted.

By Tore Kjeilen