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Persia / Qajar Dynasty /
Persian: muhammad

(1808-1848) Persian shah, 3rd ruler of the Qajar Dynasty 1834-1848, altogether 14 years.
Mohammad tried to recapture lost territory, like Herat, which by then was under British control.
He tried to forge good relations with Russia, the arch enemy of the last shah. He also conducted politics of openness towards the West, allowing the import of technologies to Persia, a policy that would be continued also by the next shah, his son, Nasser ad-Din.
He suffered from bad health throughout his life.

1808 January 5: Born as son of Abbas Mirza, the crown prince, and grandson of the Persian ruler, Fath Ali.
1833: Abbas Mirza dies.
1834 October 20: Fath Ali dies, and Mohammad becomes new Persian shah. Still many other princes at first challenged this; Ali Mirza succeeded in holding the throne for 40 days.
1848 September 5: Dies of gout. He is succeeded by his son, Nasser ad-Din.

By Tore Kjeilen