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Persia / Qajar Dynasty /
Mohammad Ali

(1872-1924) Persian shah, 6th ruler of the Qajar Dynasty 1907-1909, altogether 3 years and 6 months.
He is mainly remembered for his attempts to put down the newly established Persian parliament, the Majlis, a struggle he lost and had to flee abroad.

1872 June 21: Born as son of crown prince, Mozaffar ad-Din, grandson of Persian ruler, Nasser ad-Din.
1907 January 7: Mozaffar dies of a heart attack, Muhammad Ali becomes new shah.
— Launches an attack on the Majlis, and abolishes the Constitution. Large parts of the Persian elite resists this.
1909 July 16: Facing an impossible task fighting the Majlis, Mohammad Ali flees to Russia. He is succeeded by his son, Ahmad.
1911 Attempts to attack Persia at Asterabad, but is quickly defeated. This time he flees to Constantinople, Ottoman Empire.
1924 April 5: Dies in San Remo, Italy.

By Tore Kjeilen