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Persia / Parthian Dynasty /
Mithradates 1
Also called: Arsaces 5

Coin of King Mithradates 1 of Parthia.
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Coin of King Mithradates 1 of Parthia.

King of Parthia, reigning 171-138 BCE.
The reign of Mithradates 1 was one of great conquests, Babylonia and Media being the most important. With him, Parthia took control of all of the ParthiaIranian plateau. By this he secured full control of the trade routes passing between Asia and the Mediterranean, which would become central in the development of Parthian wealth.
With his conquests, he also came to control large groups of Hellenistic peoples. This would be a balancing act, and his reign was one in which much was done to secure their rights. His coins called him Philhellene, or Friend of the Greeks.
His own name reflected the god, Mithra.

Around 200 BCE: Born as son of Priapatius.
171: Succeeds his brother, Phraates 1, as king.
164: Conquers Media from the Seleucids.
150's: Conquers the Bactrian Greek provinces of Tapuria and Traxiana.
140's: Conquers Elymais, corresponding to ancient Elam.
142 or 141: Invades and conquers Babylonia.
141 or 140: The Babylonian province is attacked by the Seleucids, but not lost.
138: Dies, and is succeeded by his son, Phraates 2.

By Tore Kjeilen