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Byzantine Empire /
Michael 5
Byname: Michael 5 the Caulker

(1015-1042) Byzantine emperor 1041-1042, for 4 months.
Michael appears to have been naive in questions relating to keeping good alliances. Within 4 months as ruler, he had backstabbed everyone who had helped him move from the most modest background to become emperor. First he sent his uncle, John the Eunuch, to a monastery, although he was the one helping him into the most inner circles of the court. But when trying to remove his adoptive mother, Empress Zoe, it was himself who was removed from power.
He attempted to reform the administration, thereby challenging the position of the elites in the empire. Part of this endeavour was to recall exiled nobles and courtiers.
His byname relates to his father's profession.

1015: Born; his nephew would 19 years later become Emperor Michael 4.
— John the Eunuch, Michael 4's brother and trusted advisor, aids his nephew,Michael, to close position to the emperor and the empress.
1041: Michael is appointed deputy emperor, and adopted by the emperor and his wife.
December 10: Michael 4 dies, and Michael becomes new emperor.
1042 April 18: Has Zoe locked inside a monastery, making himself sole ruler.
April 19: Announcing Zoe's exile, Michael is faced with a rebellion in favour of Zoe. He quickly recalls her.
April 20: Theodora, Zoe's sister and now her co-ruler, declares that Michael is deposed. Michael flees to a monastery, but is blinded and castrated here.
August 24: Dies.

By Tore Kjeilen