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Byzantine Empire /
Michael 1 Rhangabe

(?-844) Byzantine emperor 811-813.
Taking over an empire where the high taxation level had caused much discontent, Micheal quickly reversed this policy, aiming at reconciliation.
He supported the use of icons, and had iconoclasts persecuted. This caused a revolt which bound up much of the imperial forces, making it impossible stop a Bulgarian attack.

?: Born as son of the patrician Theophylaktos Rangabe, the admiral of the Aegean fleet.
790's: Marries Procopia, daugheter of future emperor, Nicephorus 1.
811 July 26: Survives the Battle of Pliska, where Emperor Nicephorus is killed, and Nicephorus' son, Stauracius, disabled.
811 October 2: Becomes emperor following a power struggle, in which the disabled Emperor Stauracius is deposed. He has the influential abbot, Theodore Studites, as an ally in this struggle.
812 November: Bulgarian attack, and the city of Develtus is captured. Michael is unable to deal with this, since his forces are bound with an Iconoclast revolt, aiming at replacing him with one late Emperor Constantine 5's sons.
— Confirming the treaty with Charlemagne, which secured Byzantine control over coastal territory from Venice and east down the Dalmatian Coast.
813: Michael launches a successful campaing against Bulgaria.
June 22: A coup within the army leaves Micheal with few supporters. Leo the Armenian deposes him, and has himself appointed emperor.
— Micheal retires to a monastery, taking the name Athanasius.
— Michael's sons are castrated.
844 January 11: Dies.

By Tore Kjeilen