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Mentese Dynasty
Turkish: Menteşe

Turkmen dynasty ruling parts of southwestern Anatolia along the Aegean and the Mediterranean coasts, around 1290-1425.
Referred to as principality or beylik, it was an independent country. It emerged from the vacuum with the decline of the Seljuq Sultanate. Although strong enough to defend itself against the weak Byzantine Empire, it never established defenses strong enough to withstand the emerging Ottoman Empire.
Central to its economy was its fleet, engaged in trade and piracy.
The religion of the principality was Islam.

1290: The principality emerges, established by Mentese Bey, leader of the Oghuz clans.
1296: A Byzantine attack is repulsed.
1300: Part of the island of Rhodes is occupied.
1355: The Mentese are forced to allow the Venetians to establish a trading colony at Balat/Miletus, but the trade post becomes of good value also for the principality.
1360: Splits into two principalities, one with Balat as its centre, the other centered to Becin.
1390-1391: Comes under the Ottoman Empire.
1402: Following Timur Lenk's sacking of the Ottoman Empire, the Mantese rulers break free.
1425: Comes permanently under the Ottoman Empire.

By Tore Kjeilen