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Roman Empire

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Roman Empire /
Mauretania Caesariensis

Coin of Emperor Macrinus
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Coin of Emperor Macrinus, ca. 218 CE. Macrinus was the only emperor native to Mauretania Caesariensis.

Tipasa, Algeria

From Tipasa, Algeria.

Roman province of North Africa 40-472 CE, altogether 432 years. The province covered lands that correspond to most of modern northern Algeria.
The capital was Caesaria, corresponding with modern Cherchell. From Caesaria, the governor or praeses governed.
The exports of Caesariensis were limited, but included purple dyes and valuable woods. As locals of Mauretania Tingitana; the Amazigh (Berbers) of Caesariensis were highly regarded as soldiers. The Roman emperor Macrinus was of Caesariensis, ruling only 14 months in the early 3rd century.
Judaism was a strong religion of Caesariensis, but a Christianity became very popular in the cities from the 4th century on.

25 BCE: The Berber port of Iol (now Cherchell) is conquered by the Romans, naming it Caesaria.
40 CE: The territory, already under Roman control, is established when Mauretania is divided into Caesariensis and Tingitana (to the west).
293: The small, easternmost region of Caesariensis is made into the separate province of Sitifensis.
4th century: Christianity becomes a major urban religion in Caesariensis.
472: Caesaria is conquered by the Vandals.

By Tore Kjeilen