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Arabic: 'al-ma¢ādiyy

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Suburb of Cairo, Egypt, 12 km south of Cairo centre. There are no official figures or estimates for the population of Maadi, but judging from its size it has between 150,000 and 500,000 inhabitants.
Maadi was originally laid out to become the ideal town, with wide boulevards, villas and strict regulations for the form and colours of the houses. Today, Maadi has a line of highrise buildings next to the river, and much of the remainder consists of villas and blocks of lowrise flats.
Maadi's economy is largely linked with Cairo's, but many companies operate out of Maadi as well. Many embassies have been located here.
The population of Maadi is dominated by middle- and higher class Egyptians and expatriates.
Extensive excavations have been undertaken at Maadi, and large finds of pottery have cast light on the development of Lower Egypt.

4th millennium BCE: Maadi is one of the centres of Lower Egypt, an extensive town of oval and crescent-shaped huts and subterranean houses. The main civilizations along the Nile were at this time further south, centered at Naqada.
1904: Railway is built from Cairo to Helwan, making Maadi an attractive location as a suburb of Cairo.
1905: Plans for Maadi are laid out, involving wide boulevards.

By Tore Kjeilen