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Also called: Luite

Ancient people of Anatolia.
Their land was called Luwiya, its territory corresponded with Arzawa and Kizzuwatna
The Luwians were related to the Hittites, and would emerge as one of the leading groups in late Hittite society, making a strong influence even on Hittite language. Still, the cultural interchange between the two peoples was so that it in many cases cannot be determined who made an impact on who. With the fall of the Hittite Empire, it was through the Luwians and their strength that Hittite traditions would survive.

There were many similarities between the religion of the Hittites and Luwians. Like the Hittites, their highest god, Tarhum, ruled the thunderstorm and rain. Second was Arma, the moon god.
Magic was a central part of the their religion and culture

1500 BCE: Luwiya comes under control of the Hittite Empire.
1180: Fall of the Hittite Empire, but Luwiya continues strong, having developed a culture bearing much influence from other Levantine cultures.

By Tore Kjeilen